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Storm Sewer System
The City of Belton storm water drainage system is designed to collect water from storm water runoff (rain and snow melt) and discharge it into area waters around Belton. The City of Belton Transportation Division maintains most of this system, however, some storm drains and outfalls are privately owned or are owned by other agencies such as the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

The City of Belton's storm water drainage system consists of pipe, ditches, catch basins, detention basins, curb inlets and area inlets. This system is separate from the City's sanitary sewer system. For more information on sanitary sewers please see Water Services Division.

Storm Water Pollution
Storm Water Pollution is everything that flows down the street and enters the storm water drainage system without being cleaned at treatment plants. Anything that flows through the system, besides rainwater, is called stormwater pollution. This runoff is the largest source of pollution in our nation's waterways.

The City of Belton Transportation Division works to reduce the amount of pollution that empties into local waterways. Usually, stormwater pollution is caused by people doing little things (for example, flushing fireworks, fuel, oil, and grass clippings into the stormdrain) that accumulate and become a more serious problem. For more information, visit the City's Stormwater Quality web page.

Ways to Help Reduce Storm Water Pollution
  • Use your refuse, recycling, and green waste containers instead of littering in the street.
  • Rinse water-based paint out of brushes and rollers in the sink, not in the street.
  • Avoid using pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers when possible. If you must use yard chemicals, apply only as directed and never right before a storm.
  • Wash your car where the water and soap won't flow to the street, or take your car to a car wash.
  • Use a broom, instead of a hose, to clean your paved driveway, sidewalks, and streets.
  • Pick up after your pets.
  • Take hazardous waste, such as automotive fluids, yard chemicals, and paints to a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility.

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