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Recycling in the United States is changing at a rapid rate. Things we always thought were recyclable are no longer recyclable. Historically, the US shipped much of its plastic and cardboard abroad to places like China and Malaysia. All of this came to an abrupt halt in 2018 when these countries tightened its standards for acceptable contamination (non-recyclable product mixed with recyclable product), especially plastic. Materials were so contaminated that the cost of labor went up so much China couldn't afford to clean our materials. Single-stream recycling or mixed recycling is a major culprit of contamination. This is why many residential curbside recycling programs are being suspended. Haulers simply have no where to take the items. 

These topics have been in the local and national news over the past few months. It's something that's happening nationwide, not just in Belton. Here are a few news stories, if you'd like to learn more.

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While curbside recycling may or may not return, there are recycling centers just a few miles from Belton.

  • Casco Recycling Center is located at 1808 Vine St, Harrisonville. You can drop off items between 8:30am-3pm. Click here for acceptable items.

There is additional information on our Recycling webpage.

There is also a user-friendly website, that allows you search for a center near you that accepts your type of item.

Mid-America Regional Council has published a very easy to use Recycling Flier showing which items can and cannot be recycled.

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