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Cost-Share Program

This program is temporarily suspended due to the Public Works Transportation Division's workload.

The City of Belton code requires that property owners maintain the sidewalks abutting their property. In those cases where properties have driveway culverts, the property owner is also responsible for maintaining the drive and culvert in addition to any abutting sidewalks. In all cases, the property owner is responsible for the driveway approach.  It has been a long standing City policy that the property owner purchases the culvert and all other necessary materials to maintain the sidewalks, drives, and culverts with the City providing the labor and equipment necessary to perform the actual work.  

The City has evaluated many alternative approaches to maintaining sidewalks and drive culverts and has determined that the most cost-effective and best approach for both property owners and the City is a cost-share approach. (As an aside, there are advantages to citizens, businesses, and the City if curb repair and replacement is performed on a voluntary basis at the same time that the sidewalk, drive, and culvert repair work is performed).

Note: The City is committed to addressing sidewalk “trip hazards” each year. This work is performed under a separate City program.


Under this Cost-Share Program, property owners may request that the sidewalk, curb, and/or driveway culvert be repaired or replaced under a cost-share agreement between the property owner and the City. Under the Cost-Share Program, the property owner agrees to pay for all the materials associated and related to the project (concrete, culvert, gravel) with the City providing the labor and equipment. Additionally, under the Cost-Share Program, the City’s required right-of-way (ROW) permit is waived.  Again, the program is believed to be a cost-effective solution for all involved.

Driveway culverts are typically driven by owner concerns and requests, but the City codes can be utilized to require replacement in some cases where the culvert is not functioning properly and poses a public hazard.

Replacement of curb is strictly a voluntary program that gives the public the option to replace curb segments in front of their property sooner than the City might otherwise. Sidewalk replacement can be voluntary in some cases but will primarily be driven by code enforcement.


Property owners with poor-to-failed sidewalk segments will be notified by the Transportation Division. Property owners concerned with their sidewalk either because they received a notification or otherwise and property owners that are concerned with the condition of their curb or driveway culvert may complete a Cost-Share Program application and submit it to the Transportation Division at any time.  Once the application is received, a representative from the Transportation Division will be in contact to discuss the application and what the next step is.

Requests for replacement of sidewalk or curb segments and driveway culverts will be evaluated by City staff on a case-by-case basis.

To begin the process, the following form needs to be filled out:  Program Request

Once the form is filled out and submitted, a City representative will contact the requestor.

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