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Public Works
Celia Duran
Director of Public Works

Charlotte Berry
Administrative Assistant

City Hall Annex
520 Main Street
Belton, MO  64012

Phone: (816) 331-4331
Fax: (816) 331-6973
PW Inspection Request Line: (816) 892-1283

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
The Public Works Department manages many vital functions to do its part to provide a safe, healthy, and vibrant community. The Public Works Staff are responsible for ensuring safe and reliable drinking water, efficient and smooth travel throughout the City, environmentally responsible treatment of waste, effective storm water management and sound stewardship of public funds. 

The Department is made up of three Divisions:
  • Engineering/GIS
  • Transportation Services
  • Water Services
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Provide the safest and most reliable infrastructure and services possible for Belton residents, businesses and visitors by questioning, listening, planning, and measuring results with a great deal of care.

The Public Works Department will be the best we can be at everything we do.

Core values of a team are important to identify and live by to provide consistency in approach, and can be used to settle conflict that can occur in decision making. This team agreed that the following values were most important to them; should be what they live by; and aspire to share as a team:

  • Leadership – inspiring others to do things they did not know they could do
  • Integrity – doing the right thing even when no one is looking
  • Trust – each can be sure that their teammates will do their job and have the team’s best interest in mind
  • Customer Service – providing services that are best for the community and treating each person with respect and professionalism
  • Teamwork – the essence of a strong team is each member being the best they can be
  • Communication – consider all stakeholders and impacts; then share the right information at the right time so everyone involved can make informed decisions
  • Positive Attitude – this is one of the very few things each of us can control each day- it is a decision each of us can make
  • Dedication – performing at our best in the interest of our own satisfaction, and that of the citizens and our team at all times
  • Devotion – conducting ourselves with loyalty and a caring nature to the team and the citizens

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