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Victim Services - Services Provided
Counseling: To assist clients through the emotional response to their victimization.

Advocacy: To assist victims and witnesses through the criminal justice systems by;
  • Keeping Victims aware of case status
  • Information on police and court procedures
  • Keeping victims aware of deadlines and court dates
  • Intercede with employers to keep salary during court appearances from being denied.

Referral: Victims are referred to the appropriate social services agencies to meet their needs. We will assist with the filing for compensation under the Missouri Victim Compensation Act. We provide many referrals to the victims we deal with. We help them obtain battered women support information, grief organizations, county and state organizations that can provide support and services to victims of crime.

Emergency Help: Where there has been physical injury or financial loss, victims may need help of a different type. We can attempt to assist the victim in locating food, shelter, medical treatment, replacement of lost papers, or filing state victim compensation or other insurance claim forms.

Crime Prevention: Practical advice and information about crime prevention techniques are also available.

Crisis Intervention: We provide crisis response 24 hour a day, 7 day a week to Belton. A request for Victim Assistance crisis response must be made through the Belton Police Department.

Transportation: We can provide transportation for victim family members that need to respond to the hospital, friend's home, shelter, or safe location.

Short Term Support: We provide short term support to victims. That can involve accompanying victims, listening, answering questions, and accepting and validating the responses to their victimization. We help establish a bond and trust with the criminal justice system, as well as attending to the victims needs. We also can notify families and friends to respond to the victim.

Victim Compensation Information: In order to qualify for Victim Compensation funds, a victim must have cooperated with a law enforcement agency. Report numbers, investigator's name and other enforcement information must be provided. We can obtain forms for victims, assist them in completion of the forms, help determine eligibility, submit claims and do follow-up assistance.

Crime Prevention Information: We can provided information and materials on many subjects and information related to adult and child victimization.

Case Status Information: Many time victims want information on the status of their cases. As the investigators are frequently out of the office, we can more easily supply some of that information to the victim.

Transition to the court system: We work closely with the Municipal court system, the Cass County Prosecutor's office and the Circuit Court. We keep the victim informed of any court cases pending and help them obtain Orders of Protection and help follow-up on any violations of said orders.

Public Awareness: We provide informational programs and brochures on a wide variety of topics related to victimization. We can provide speakers, films, workshops and informational written materials.

Protection and education of the victim's rights: We belong to many local, state and national victim organizations. For that reason we are very much aware of the new information, programs and trends in the victim's movement. We monitor legislation that concerns victim's rights.

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