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Forming a neighorhood watch
For information and free materials on how to organize a Neighborhood Watch program or for information on an existing watch area, contact the community policing unit at 816.348.4497

A word of Caution!

A Neighborhood Watch does not mean prying or nosy neighbors who try to stop criminals all by themselves. As a member, your responsibility is to call the police and report what you've seen -- not to take action yourself.

Remember, neighborhoods are made up of people who have the power to protect each others safety. By reporting any suspicious circumstances to law enforcement agencies, members of a Neighborhood Watch actually increase their own safety.

Police cannot fight crime they do not know about. When alert citizens keep them informed, the police are far more effective against crime -- and citizens have better protection and safer neighborhoods.

Join your neighbors to organize a NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH program in your community. You'll be protecting your own home and you own safety.

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