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Municipal Court

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1. Can I pay by phone or online?
2. How can I get a continuance or change my court date?
3. Where is the Municipal Court located?
4. Do I have to appear in court?
5. Do I need an attorney?
6. Can I pay double the fine and have the points removed for my traffic violation?
7. Is my fine due at the time I appear in court?
8. Will points be assessed for this ticket?
9. Can the Judge amend my ticket?
10. Is this a misdemeanor?
11. When is my ticket due?
12. What are my rights in Municipal Court?
13. Can I plead No Contest?
14. Can I receive a Public Defender?
15. Is there a dress code for appearing in court?
16. How many points can I receive before I'm suspended/lose my license?
17. How many points are on my license?
18. Can I attend driving school in lieu of paying a ticket or receiving points?

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